Experience The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited National Park in America and welcomes twice as many people as the Grand Canyon, the 2nd most visited.

Yet the majority of the 12 million travelers that make their way to the park last year, missed out on truly experiencing the Spirit of The Great Smokies…

What if I told you that by planning a mindful trip to the Smoky Mountains you could not only help to fuel a much needed sustainable tourism movement in the area, but you could also experience some of the most incredible moments of your life – while enjoying the Smokies, giving back, having fun, learning, and connecting with local communities & spirit of the hills.

Well, you absolutely can and below is a list to get you started along with a few tips on leaving our beautiful Schconage, “Land of Blue Smoke’ better than you found her….

Experiences That Benefit Both Sides

The following experiences are not the typical suggestions you will find in travel blogs and articles being shared in the Smokies – but they’re ideas that should be shared.

And, I can promise you that weaving mindful and sustainable activities into your time in the Smoky Mountains will connect you in a away that you haven’t imagined yet.

You will leave feeling positive, inspired, & with a full heart knowing that you not only had an unforgettable trip but you gave a little love back to the mountains that you love.

Trust me! You’ll see!

Now… Let’s explore only a few of the opportunities that await!

Beauty, Nourishment, & Healing

Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage
Rainbows & Ramps
GSM Heritage Center

Family, Fishing & Fun

Discover Life In The Smokies

Connect With The Cherokee

Plan your trip today at VisitCherokeeNC.com

Spring Cleaning With SOS

Register Today! https://www.saveoursmokies.org/

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